Need to do a Long Island Basement Remodeling Project?

People who own homes have a world of opportunities to start a basement remodeling project so that once drab space can become usable. With main walls solidly built of concrete, it is simply a matter of using one’s imagination to bring it to life. This will not only increase the value of your home but advance the use of a space that is being wasted.

Basement Remodeling Long Island

Investigating the Many Basement Remodeling in Long Island Possibilities

Basement Remodeling in Long Island requires that you decide what you want to turn your basement into. Most homes have a washer and dryer in the basement. These can still be retained but creatively placed in a location that does not deter from the overall effect you are trying to achieve.

When you contact a Basement Renovations in Long Island Specialist, he will make a careful examination of the basement. Things to look for: Are there any water leaks? Are there overhead pipes that need to be concealed? Is your basement floor level or will adjustments have to be made? Are there of mold anywhere? When obvious problems are taken care of then you are ready to begin your planning.


Plans for Basement Remodeling in Long Island

Let us say that you have decided to turn your basement into a recreation room that the entire family can enjoy. The first step is a detailed plan indicating the location of a walled-off washer and dryer, places where electrical outlets need to go for a TV and other appliances and any water outlets. Some people like to put a toilet in the basement to avoid people having to go up and down stairs.

After looking at your plans, the Basement Renovations in Long Island Specialist will carefully measure the room to determine how many 2×4’s, as well as sheet rock, is needed to cover the walls. He will also determine what other materials are needed to block off the overhead pipes. Some people like to have a small amount of insulation placed between the basement walls and the sheet rock to prevent sweating.

The type of drainage system you have in your basement may require re-routing or another type of change. This is taken into consideration when your Basement Finishing in Long Island specialist does basement renovations in Long Island prior to preparing for, and laying down, flooring.

Mold in a basement can be dangerous to a home’s occupants and its spores are often disbursed, via a ventilation system, throughout the rest of the house. This usually occurs when there is a water leak or extreme sweating of the basement walls. This can cause health problem and needs to be taken care of immediately.


Results of a Basement Finishing in Long Island Project

Most basements are large enough to allow a wide variety of Basement Finishing at Long Island possibilities. A family room with a large TV, comfortable furniture, games and books offers a wonderful retreat that all can enjoy.

Bright colors and expertly place lighting will give the impression of a bright cheery place rather than a dark, dingy basement. Your Basement Finishing in Long Island Specialist can provide a world of possibilities, which allows you to choose the exact type of room you want for years of family fun.