Cesspool Service Long Island Installations In Suffolk County

Cesspool Service Long Island is the best choice for you when you need cesspool pumping. The family-owned business has been in operation for many years, thus having the right experience and skills in the management of cesspools and septic tanks. We can fulfill all your needs, whether you need regular maintenance or full repair.

cesspool service long island ny
cesspool service long island ny

Technicians at Cesspool Service Long Island use the newest techniques and updated technologies. Through this, we can give you the best maintenance for your septic and cesspool systems. Our professionals will always inform you of the activities they are engaging in while installing, maintaining, inspecting, or even repairing. The team understands the importance of excellent customer service. We will ensure we cooperate and communicate with you all through to make sure they fulfill your specifications.


Cesspool Installation by Cesspool Service Long Island

The fact that the team posses the right technical know-how makes them the best for installing cesspools. We will ensure that you will not experience any problems and inconveniences. Once you get our team to fix your cesspools, you can be assured of perfection, and in case of problems, we are there to provide the solutions.


Cesspool Replacement

A cesspool is a pit made from cement block walls. The water that flows into the cesspool drains into the soil via perforated walls. The use of cesspools proves to be more efficient as compared to older systems because the solid material they collect is much less. A septic tank is designed in a way that it holds water until it is pumped, but a cesspool drains wastewater slowly. Septic tanks do not require much maintenance like the cesspools that continuously drain wastewater.

A well-maintained cesspool can last up to forty years. More so, at times you may need to replace it if it is damaged beyond repair. Our professionals at Cesspool Service Long Island guarantee you of proper replacement of your system. We also provide entirely regular maintenance checking on your cesspool to ensure it is properly functioning.


Does Homeowners insurance cover any septic system damage?

When a septic system fails, it is not generally covered by the homeowner insurance. This is because a septic system is treated as one of the home systems. The failure or damage of the septic system that occurs due to poor maintenance is not covered. However, it can be covered by the insurance if, for instance, it is damaged by fire. Some insurance systems do not cover for the wear and tear of your septic tank system.